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  Hellstrip Gardening: Create a paradise between the sidewalk and the curb

From coast to coast, overlooked landscapes languish in parking strips and alongside driveways and alleys. These semi-public spaces don't often support healthy lawns, but they can host thriving gardens that add beauty and provide ecological services, dramatically improving their surroundings. Though curbside gardens present many challenges, their potential rewards can tempt you to give that leftover a make-over.

This comprehensive guide helps you gracefully tackle the challenges, including car, foot, and paw traffic; utility and maintenance equipment; restricted root zones; contaminated soil; neighborhood covenants and city regulations; and more! It also includes a dictionary of over 100 curbside-worthy plants and in-depth features on a dozen inspiring curbside gardens from around the United States.

Add curb appeal to your house, literally, with Hellstrip Gardening!


Foreword by Lauren Springer Ogden, author of The Undaunted Garden and Plant-Driven Design

Part 1: Inspirations showcases 12 inspiring curbside gardens from around the United States.

Part 2: Situations tackles challenges posed by street trees, too much or too little water, poor or contaminated soil, restrictive regulations, foot and vehicle traffic, desirable and undesirable wildlife, piled snow and road salt, utility lines and unsightly equipment, and more.

Part 3: Creation offers nature-friendly solutions for designing, building, and managing a curbside garden.

Part 4: Curbside-Worthy Plants profiles over 100 plants that can help transform your hellstrip to a curbside paradise, highlighting plants with showy flowers, plants with showy foliage, plants with edible or medicinal uses, and plants with four-season structure.

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