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  Beautiful No-Mow Yards
50 Amazing Lawn Alternatives

What has your perfect green lawn done for you lately? Is it really worth the time, effort, and resources you lavish on it? Armed with encouragement, inspiration, and cutting-edge advice from award-winning author Evelyn Hadden, you can liberate yourself at last!

In this ultimate guide to rethinking your yard, Hadden showcases dozens of inspiring, eco-friendly alternatives to that demanding (and dare we say boring?) green turf. Trade your lawn for a lively prairie or replace it with a runoff-reducing rain garden. Swap it for an interactive adventure garden or convert it to a low-maintenance living carpet. Hadden explores eleven different styles of lawn alternative, discussing and illustrating a variety of examples for each style.

Now that you're inspired, Hadden gets down to the nitty-gritty. Part 2 of the book offers practical advice for creating and maintaining an eco-friendly landscape, and the plant dictionary in Part 3 presents thumbnail profiles of choice ground-layer plants for a range of climates.

With Beautiful No-Mow Yards, you have all the information and encouragement you need to transform a neglected or unused lawn into a rewarding garden! This book has been Timber Press bestseller since its publication.

"... hands down one of the best garden writers I've had the pleasure of reading. I have a large library of gardening books, most with excellent content, but few rival the elegant and graceful prose of Beautiful No-Mow Yards." - Susan Morrison, co-author of Garden Up!

"A well-written book, appealing and generous with information, and worth adding to the library." - Jill Billington, Gardens Illustrated

"Beautiful [and] superbly written. Beautiful No-Mow Yards is just what American gardeners need." - Susan Harris, Garden Rant

"Novice and expert gardeners will find this well-written and engaging work, enhanced with color photos and other illustrations, useful for all sizes of projects." - Library Journal

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