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National speaker and award-winning author of Beautiful No-Mow Yards

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Hellstrip Gardening (30 min)
Weekend Gardener with Niki Jabbour, June, 2014

Evelyn Hadden and Niki Jabbour (author of Groundbreaking Food Gardens and Year-Round Vegetable Gardener) discuss Evelyn's latest book, Hellstrip Gardening. Why garden in such a small and challenging place? How to address dog poop? What to plant? Listen for ideas and answers from creative gardeners across the USA.


The Beautiful No-Mow Yard (30 min)
Ecosystem Gardening, October, 2012

Evelyn Hadden and Carole Sevilla Brown delve into the whys and hows of shrinking your lawn. Creator of the Team Blogs Beautiful Wildlife Garden and Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens, Carole's focus on wildlife prompts an exploration of wildlife-friendly makeovers, and you will also learn easy and inexpensive ways to start converting some lawn to more rewarding landscape for you and your family as well as the animals.


Greener Than Grass (60 min)
The Manic Gardener, October, 2012

In a conversation with Kate Gardner, Evelyn Hadden describes the many possible forms a no-mow yard can take. They take time to discuss non-lawn landscapes that benefit children's development, as well as inexpensive ways to kill the lawn.


Moving Past the Lawn (54 min)
An Organic Conversation, March, 2012

Evelyn Hadden joins hosts Helge Hellberg, Mark Mulcahy, and Sitarani Palomar in a wide-ranging free flow of ideas and tips for looking beyond lawns. Two key points of discussion are the environmental effects of lawns and the nuts and bolts of changing our society's landscaping aesthetic.


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