Evelyn J. Hadden
National speaker and award-winning author of Beautiful No-Mow Yards

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  Hellstrip Gardening: Paradise at the Curb

Across the country, overlooked landscapes languish in parking strips and alongside driveways and alleys. These semi-public spaces don't often support healthy lawns, but they can host thriving gardens that add beauty and provide ecological services, dramatically improving their surroundings. Though curbside gardens present many challenges, their potential rewards can tempt you to give that leftover a make-over.

Evelyn Hadden, author of Beautiful No-Mow Yards, offers guidance for making your own thriving curbside garden. She lays out strategies for addressing common challenges including street trees, poor soil, laws and covenants, unsightly equipment, pedestrian traffic, and more. With inspiring examples, she showcases creative solutions and highlights curbside-worthy plants. Take steps to improve our shared environment and your own life--dive in and design a hellstrip garden!

This talk is based on Evelyn's newest book, Hellstrip Gardening, to be published by Timber Press in May 2014.


"Evelyn gave an inspiring talk on to our local garden club. Her presentation featured lots of fantastic gardens. Her manner was energetic and friendly and the group enjoyed her presentation. Thank you Evelyn! "

" It was a wonderful talk, and everyone enjoyed it... Delighted with the turnout. We will all welcome you back any time. "


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