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National speaker and award-winning author of Beautiful No-Mow Yards

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"Hellstrip Gardening"

"Beautiful No-Mow Yards"

"Design Ideas to Shrink Your Lawn"

"Eco-Friendly Gardens"

  Eco-friendly Gardens

Making an eco-friendly garden involves more than just "installing" the right plants. Feeding the soil, choosing effective plant combinations, and knowing when to intervene and when not to are all key parts of building a healthy living community. Award-winning author Evelyn J. Hadden presents new information about how to encourage natural processes like nutrient cycling, drought tolerance, runoff absorption, and insect population control that will help your garden to function more like a self-sufficient natural community.

Eco-friendly gardens can also be people-friendly. You'll see many inspiring photos of healthy, sustainable landscapes that are also comfortable and rewarding places for people to spend time in. Examples include Rain Gardens, Slope Gardens, Vegie & Herb Gardens, Pavement Islands, and more!

Explore the answers to these questions:
  • Why are decomposers key to healthy natural communities?
  • Why are native plants essential but not enough?
  • What services can a well-designed landscape provide for you?
  • How can you let nature do more of the work?

This talk is specifically designed for gardeners who want to add sustainability and wildlife habitat, as well as functionality and beauty, to their gardens.


"Your presentation was excellent. Best we have ever had."

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"Our club members really enjoyed your talk, and I think they came away with lots of good ideas."

"Your talk was so much fun... we all left on a higher note because of it."


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