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National speaker and award-winning author of Beautiful No-Mow Yards

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  Design Ideas to Shrink Your Lawn

Across the country, people are gaining variety, year-round interest, birds and butterflies, and relief from the routines of mowing and watering. Let their landscaping ideas inspire you!

Explore the possibilities of less lawn with award-winning author Evelyn Hadden. In this colorful presentation you'll encounter fresh ideas from large-scale (Stroll Gardens, Woodland Gardens, Lawnless Front Gardens) to small (Welcome Gardens, Herb Gardens, Island Beds), and you'll return to your own yard with a renewed sense of its possibilities.

Are you interested in using landscaping to lower your heating and cooling costs? What about different ways to catch and soak up runoff before it creates pooling, erosion, and other problems? Want to plant some edibles, create more privacy, add habitat for birds or butterflies? Or do you just want a dose of inspiration to help you design a new garden area?

Learn different strategies for designing lawns out of your landscape, including:
  • Where to start if your family is uncertain about shrinking the lawn,

  • How to add outdoor "rooms" and what they get you,

  • Native plants, hardscapes, and other low-maintenance elements,

  • Functional plantings that solve problems and provide services, and

  • Many models for lawnless landscapes.

This presentation introduces many strategies rather than supplying detailed instruction in any particular one. It's a whirlwind of different ideas for converting some lawn to something else. You'll see a wide variety of choices that you might adapt for your site, your situation, and your preferences. Even non-gardeners will enjoy photo after photo of more than 50 beautiful gardens.


"Very passionate! Great inspiration."

"All the feedback that I have gotten has been positive. Everyone enjoyed your presentation!"

"Your presentation was top notch."

"The evaluations were uniformly positive, commenting on your depth of knowledge and appreciative of your willingness to respond to questions."


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